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Story and illustration by Øyvind Torseter


I was visiting my grandparents in the old house...

"We should have some cake after dinner."

"You need to think about your heart."

"I have to go to the loo."

By Aaron and Jessixa Bagley


It was a strange time to be alive. Things moved fast. Everyone was in a hurry. Nobody looked where they were going. Or into each other's eyes.

The Joker: A Memoir. By Andrew Hudgins. Simon & Schuster, 2013. 352p. HB, $28.99.

Just Joking

Andrew Hudgins’s The Joker, part memoir, part joke book, is so fresh and original that it seems without precursor. Like a good joke, it doubles our vision, inserts anarchy into logic, pleases us with its felicities of phrasing, and stuns us with a truth we recognize two beats after we hear it.