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By Aaron and Jessixa Bagley


It was a strange time to be alive. Things moved fast. Everyone was in a hurry. Nobody looked where they were going. Or into each other's eyes.

Story and illustration by Øyvind Torseter


I was visiting my grandparents in the old house...
"We should have some cake after dinner."
"You need to think about your heart."

The Joker: A Memoir. By Andrew Hudgins. Simon & Schuster, 2013. 352p. HB, $28.99.

Just Joking

Andrew Hudgins’s The Joker, part memoir, part joke book, is so fresh and original that it seems without precursor. Like a good joke, it doubles our vision, inserts anarchy into logic, pleases us with its felicities of phrasing, and stuns us with a truth we recognize two beats after we hear it.