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A Meditation on Roast Chicken

June 30, 2010

Just as a bottle of wine is enhanced by knowledge of its production and provenance, food is enriched by a sustained meditation on the life it once was and a reverence for all the work that brought it to the table.

What Good are Authors’ Estates?

June 7, 2010

You will die, and if your writing is any good, and thereby profitable to concerned parties, a melodramatic and legalistic morass may appear sooner than any volumes of collected works.

Letters of Note

April 1, 2010

The website devoted to "correspondence deserving of a wider audience" is fascinating.

What’s in a (Middle) Name?

January 30, 2010

Consider the difference between James Cooper and James Fenimore Cooper; David Wallace and David Foster Wallace; or Jorge Luis Borges and Jorge Borges. Who would want to go down in history as Jorge Borges?