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David Morton


The Heart Being Secret

Being very proud, and secret, much alone, Private by choice, and quiet, and austere, The passionate heart within its room of bone, Is secret, still, for even the most near— Is private, still, and lonely, and stern-willed; Never the casual passer in [...]

Imminent Audition

Slow-falling through this amber light, The silver and uncertain rain Bestows confusion on the sight Wherein no common thing is plain,— Wherein the oak and elm we see Are less—and more—than what they were, Not elm and oak now, but the Tr [...]

Sound Track

It must be that the listening silence holds Some cherished part of everything it hears, To bear forever in its gracious folds A medley of the gone, articulate years. Here, in the frozen stillness of this time, We stop and listen . .&thin [...]


Written in Memory of A.D., a Pioneer of Southwest Virginia and of Bedford County, Tennessee I. Descending Chestnut Ridge Now let my habitude be where the vine Tumbles the sagging rails, and the late crow Alone can challenge, whom for countersign [...]


For C.P.A. I. Nostalgia His acres, golden now the light is late, And the fields sweet of breath in the cool air, The man walks out to ponder the estate Of man-on-acres—and his feet will fare Toward no intended corner of his lands, Being [...]