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Edward Kleinschmidt


Self Service

Neither autoerotic nor auto- Cratic, here it's automotive, tank filled With benzina, pressure checked, windshield perfectly Cleaned. Or I've seen SELF CENTER, wanted to Check in, be checked out, have my autograph Analyzed. I've read that the little [...]


Tempo is time here and tempo is weather, In due season, as it's said in English, so when I was stirred this earliest of mornings by the first Storm in ten weeks, I knew the one day older I had Gotten overnight had passed, that the weather Changed dr [...]

Just Now

The shutter stays open on the 20th century. The last Time I thought about anything in the past was At breakfast. The past is the plinth upon which The cyclamen in the reed basket are dying. 1951— The year the earth was flat. My mother pushed me Out [...]

Depth Perception

In her notebook, she has changed all the breves Into hemidemisemiquavers. It's morning. It's a Shortened or lengthened life. Quick is a quiver of Thin arrows in the photograph. The shutter was open Only a second. It caught the right light that was N [...]