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Jen Renninger

Jen Renninger is an illustrator who works with drawing and collage/painting styles. Her illustrations have been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Urban Outfitters, and Penguin Books. 


Illustration by Jen Renninger

Kodak Moments

Spring 2017 | Memoir

The summer I turned twenty-six, I stopped taking pictures. This wasn’t just out of character—this was abnegation of character, so foundational was my belief in a photographic clenched fist around the past. I have always been a writer, but I’ve never been a competent diarist; until that summer, I had measured out my life with photo sleeves.

Illustrations by Jen Renninger

Total Loss

Winter 2016 | Essays

Fire does not abide by reason. In its destructive trail, there are empty bank accounts, unreturned voice mails, FedExed checks, hours upon hours of smooth-jazz hold music, fine print written in inscrutable jargon, and the summary Laurie learned to say for expediency’s sake: “My house exploded in a catastrophic fire. Can you please help me?”