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Jennifer Moxley

Jennifer Moxley is the author of several books of poetry, including Clampdown (Flood, 2009), The Middle Room (Subpress, 2008), and The Line (Post-Apollo, 2007). She is also an editor and a translator, and teaches poetry at the University of Maine.



Spring 2012 | Poetry

Not forced to fall for hideous Phaon nor to drift dreamlike from a Victorian cliff, pursued by visions of slender limbs, peach-soft hair dewy violets clustered in an unwilling lap, not exiled on a distant island for writing smartly about love not cal [...]


Spring 2012 | Poetry

for Keith Whenever I fear myself a bore I think of listening. I should, I tell myself, do it more. I know a man who can give more attention to his meal than a room, yet still listen. He looks suspiciously like Ruskin. He does not boast. Yet if h [...]