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Jim Coan

Jim Coan is an American affective neuroscientist, clinical psychologist, writer, podcast host, human-rights activist, and psychology professor at the University of Virginia, where he serves as director of the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, codirector of the University of Virginia College Fellows Program, and principal of Brown College at Monroe Hill.


Our Social Baseline: Part 2

Fall 2023 | Columns

I love jazz, the way individuals combine into an irreducible whole—unpredictable but coherent, a collaborative act of unbounded creation. When I see a good jazz combo, I see humanity itself.

The Golden Fleece

Spring 2022 | Columns

Long ago, in the ancient year of 1975, two ambitious young scientists sought to apply the awesome power of SCIENCE to the study of LOVE. But a strange little senator from Wisconsin vowed to MAKE THEM PAY! Jim Coan presents: The Golden Fleece Award!