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John Cournos


European Testament

Joseph in Egypt. By Thomas Mann. Translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter. New York: Alfred a. Knopf. Two volumes. $5.00. Hearken unto the Voice. By Franz Werfcl. Translated by Moray Firth. New York: The Viking Press. $3.00. The Pasquier Chronicles. By Georg [...]

Golden Age and Twilight

Pushkin. By Ernest J. Simmons. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $4.00. Anton Chekhov: The Voice of Twilight Russia. By Princess Nina Andronikova Toumanova. New York: Columbia University Press. $3.00. Of pushkin it has been said that he usher [...]

The Whistler Stamp

The year 1934 marks the centenary of the birth of the American painter, James MacNeill Whistler, Coincidently—I do not know whether by chance or deliberate design, but in any case at the instigation of the War Mothers of America—there has been an [...]

The Oxford Movement

The Oxford Movement: Its History and Its Future. By J, Lewis May. New York: The Dial Press. $3.00. The Spirit of the Oxford Movement. By Christopher Dawson. New York: Shecd and Ward. $1.50. John Henry Newman. By J. Elliot Ross. New York: W. W. Norto [...]

The New Middle Ages

The contemporary reader who follows the occurrences of the time in the daily newspaper must at some moments be intensely aware that he is living in an accelerated age of which it may be truly said that it affords to the most humble person the fascina [...]