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Julius W. Friend


Cultural History

An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World. By Harry Elmer Barnes. New York: Random House. $5.00. Two years ago Harry Elmer Barnes published a two thousand page book called "The History of Western Civilization." In betwe [...]

Odyssey of the Idea

The story of human progress is not one with chronological history. All attempts to read a continuous advance into the time order and thus to show civilization as cumulatively advancing from era to era are futile. On the contrary, the chronicle of his [...]

The New History and Social Science

The History of Western Civilisation. By Harry Elmer Barnes. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. Two Volumes. $10.00. The "new" history, fathered by James Harvey Robinson, is history written from the point of view of social science [...]

The Ends of Education

The Higher Learning in America. By Robert Maynard Htitchins. New Haven: Yale University Press. $2.00. The American State University, By Norman Foerster. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. $2.50. Any discussion of the end [...]