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Katherine Soniat

Katherine Soniat’s The Fire Setters is available through the Web Del Sol Online Chapbook Series. Her fourth collection, Alluvial, was published by Bucknell University Press, and A Shared Life won the Iowa Poetry Prize. Poems are in recent or forthcoming issues of the Georgia Review, Iowa Review, Arts and Letters, New Letters, and Quarterly West. She teaches in the MFA program at Virginia Tech.


Red Again

Fall 2005 | Poetry

Brush fires burn below in the valley and we talk of the hands in my friend’s garden— ceramic palms that rise through the lilies as if someone were alive in the dirt. Hands this open and calmed, should the loss of a daughter be turned loose in th [...]

The Monkey Bird

In dream I say crow and see it fly through the pines, until, like a hurled inkwell this bird sprawls on the window pane. I catch the scent of conversion. Not burnt flesh and feathers but a sense that this crow is going places. It's caught, for now, i [...]

Dark Theatre: Oyster Plot

We had HUMAN SEX at the Lyric, meaning winter afternoons spent off-campus in the old    moviehouse, a full course of theoretical male extensions and stylized female    parts. our bottoms anchored to worn velvet cushions. For three credit hours, [...]