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Illustration by Chris Haughton

Mapping: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Note: All figures rounded to the nearest whole integer.Sources:U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA 430-R-18-003: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990–2016 (2018): Table ES-4.Department for Business, Energy & I [...]

Mapping: California’s Techno-Sublime

Those who complain about California from the outside tend to single out its hippies and bohemians. But when Californians complain about Californians, the eye-rolling is more frequently directed at a (supposedly) new class of slick and humorless “te [...]

Mapping: Where Is the Berlin Wall Now?

For nearly thirty years, the Berlin Wall—a ninety-six-mile partition that separated West Berlin from Soviet-controlled Germany surrounding it—was the Cold War’s geopolitical line in the sand. But by 1989, the Soviet Union was weakening, and more than a million East Germans seized this momentum to protest against the state.

Mapping: The Flight of Syrian Refugees

Not long ago, Syria’s prospects were looking good—tourism was rising, restrictions on the economy were being relaxed, and a historically icy relationship with the United States was (very) slowly thawing out. But the Arab Spring protests that began in late 2010 triggered a series of events that would reverse that progress and plunge Syria into a devastating civil war. 

by Reif Larsen

Mapping: A Short History of Cars in Cuba

Though Cuba ranks 134th in the world in vehicles per capita—only thirty-eight per every one thousand residents, just ahead of Tajikistan—the automobile has become emblematic of this island nation’s turbulent history over the last seventy years [...]

Mapping by Reif Larsen

Mapping: Diasporas

The US is filled with remarkable diasporic hot spots, where immigrant and refugee communities have sprung up, most often due to secondary migration patterns.


Mapping: Exclaves

A wise man once said that every story is the story of someone trying to make a home in a place where he doesn’t belong. The world is filled with such places. An exclave is a piece of land not bound to the rest of its territory, orphaned by geography. Some of these exclaves are enclaves—that is, territory completely surrounded on all sides by another territory.