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A finger so tender 
the diminishing coneflower’s center shocks        
a needle

up through reaching skin

On Solitude

December 3, 2020

Rats can laugh, but the dogs aren’t smiling: they’re hooked on oxytocin, which rises when we lock eyes with one another. Oxytocin is not dissimilar to OxyContin, an opioid analgesic which can result in a similar sense of euphoria or attachment.

Ed Harris (as Dr. Bill Perch) and Amy Madigan (as Susan Perch) in The Jacksonian, which premiered in February 2012, at the Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, directed by Robert Falls. (All photographs by Michael Lamont)

The Jacksonian

CHARACTERS(In order of appearance)BILL PERCH, a dentist and motel resident ROSY PERCH, daughter of Bill and Susan Perch EVA WHITE, a waitress and motel maidFRED WEBER, a motel bartenderSUSAN PERCH, wife of Bill Perch, mother of Rosy SE [...]