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Summer 2011

Summer 2011

Troubled Waters

Volume 87, Number 3

Our Threatened Fisheries

  • Donovan Webster on Iceland cod fishing
  • Jesse Dukes on lobster fishing in Maine
  • Bart DiFiore on the Atlantic bluefin tuna
  • Ruxandra Guidi on rising sea levels
  • Annie Murphy on the salmon farms of Patagonia
  • Lawrence Weschler on Margaret Wertheim’s crocheted coral reefs
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Summer 2011, Troubled Waters

Table of Contents

Consider the Lobstermen

Rick Trundy does not like staying ashore, even when the wind is blowing twenty knots. It's 4:30 in the morning in mid-April, early in the lobster season, and while most of the lobstermen in Stonington, Maine, are someplace warm, drinking coffee, he's steaming his forty-foot boat, the Crossfire, southward down the east side of Isle Au Haut, already pitching over five-foot swells that grow in size the closer he gets to open water.


Cod World




Author Profiles

Ruxandra Guidi is a member of Homelands Productions, a journalism nonprofit cooperative, and collaborates regularly with her husband, photographer Bear Guerra, under the name Fonografia Collective. 

Jesse Dukes is an independent writer and documentary maker. He studied radio at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, worked for With Good Reason at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and is a principal at Big Shed.