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Winter 1937

Winter 1937

Volume 13, Number 1

  • Ernest K. Lindley’s “Agenda for a Second Term”
  • W. Y. Elliott’s “Prospects for Foreign Trade”
  • Stark Young’s “More Encaustics for Southerners”
  • Daniel Gregory Mason’s “Early Letters of Edwin Arlington Robinson: First Series”
  • Stories by Ernest K. Lindley, W. Y. Elliott, Stark Young, and Daniel Gregory Mason
  • Poetry by Kathryn Worth, Ben Belitt, and George Marion O’Donnell
[toc] Table of Contents
Winter 1937

Table of Contents

Agenda for a Second Term

Realistic liberals, or practical progressives, will not expect President Roosevelt's second administration to achieve the income of $4,870 per family which the National Survey of Potential Product Capacity has found our productive plant to be capable [...]