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Autumn 1989

Autumn 1989

Volume 65, Number 4

  • Frances Mayes’s “10,000 Rules to Live By”
  • Ashley Brown’s “T.S. Eliot In the Postmodern Age”
  • Robert Zaretsky’s “The Eclipse of Memory”
  • Scott Donaldson’s “The Jilting of Ernest Hemingway”
  • Stories by Frances Mayes, Ashley Brown, Robert Zaretsky, and Scott Donaldson
  • Poetry by Sherod Santos, Meredith Briggs Skeath, Judith E. Johnson, and Keith Althaus
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Autumn 1989

Table of Contents

The Necessity of Boredom

To ward off boredom at any cost is vulgar. Nietzche A certain power of enduring boredom is . . . essential to a happy life, and is one of the things that ought to be taught to the young. Bertrand Russell About nine o'clock most nigh [...]