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Autumn 1995

Autumn 1995

Volume 71, Number 4

  • Hilary Masters’s “Connections”
  • Thomas Russell’s “The Age of Sanity”
  • Peter Harris’s “Varieties of Religious Experience: New Work By Galway Kinnell, Jane Hirshfield, and Rodney Jones”
  • Joseph Hynes’s “Tom Stoppard’s Lighted March”
  • Stories by Hilary Masters, Thomas Russell, Peter Harris, and Joseph Hynes
  • Poetry by Dave Smith, Sydney Lea, Stanley Marcus, and Stan Sanvel Rubin
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Autumn 1995

Table of Contents

America’s Receding International Role

For 45 years the Soviet Union gave the United States a global role, one amply supported by both the American people and much of the Western World. Behind the country's leadership, unprecedented in modern history, lay not only an abundance of power, e [...]

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