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Georgia Review Profiled

June 6, 2007

We're a week late noticing, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a nice article on the Georgia Review on their 60th anniversary and their recent awards, including a National Magazine Award (for essay) and a Governor's Award in the Humanities from [...]

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog

March 21, 2006

Via BoingBoing, humorous blog maintained by Chaucer, who answers readers' questions. My dog is a retriever, but he won't chase a ball. Every time I throw a toy across the room, he climbs in my lap and licks my face. I know he needs exercise—what [...]

VQR Takes to Styling

May 2, 2004

  By JEROME WEEKS / The Dallas Morning News They used to look as alike as close family members, and some still do, those literary quarterlies and high-brow journals: The Paris Review, The Yale Review, The New Criterion, Partisan Review and S [...]