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Summer 1937

Summer 1937

Volume 13, Number 3

  • John Crowe Ransom’s “Art and Mr. Santayana”
  • D. W. Brogan’s “Recipe for Conservatives”
  • Robert C. Binkley’s “Myths of the Twentieth Century”
  • Frederic Prokosch’s “A Russian Idyll”
  • Stories by John Crowe Ransom, D. W. Brogan, Robert C. Binkley, and Frederic Prokosch
  • Poetry by Robert P. Tristram Coffin, Willard Maas, Frances Frost, and V. Sackville-West
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Summer 1937

Table of Contents

Art and Mr. Santayana

Among philosophical personalities probably the most urbane and humanistic since Socrates is Mr. Santayana. I imagine he is what Emerson might have been if Emerson had had a philosophical instead of a theological background; in other words, if his Har [...]


Author Profiles

John Crowe Ransom (1888–1974) was a teacher, poet, founder of the Kenyon Review, and a father of the New Criticism.