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Autumn 1937

Autumn 1937

Volume 13, Number 4

  • John Crowe Ransom’s “Criticism, Inc.”
  • John W. Wheeler-Bennett’s “European Possibilities”
  • Walter L. Myers’s “The Novel and the Simple Soul”
  • George Soule’s “New American Heroes”
  • Stories by John Crowe Ransom, John W. Wheeler-Bennett, Walter L. Myers, and George Soule
  • Poetry by C. F. Macintyre, Tristram Livingstone, and Lydel Sims
[toc] Table of Contents
Autumn 1937

Table of Contents

Criticism, Inc.

It is strange, but nobody seems to have told us what exactly is the proper business of criticism. There are many critics who might tell us, but for the most part they are amateurs. So have the critics nearly always been amateurs; including the best [...]


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