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Autumn 1944

Autumn 1944

Volume 20, Number 4

  • George Soule’s “Labor and the War Administration”
  • Bernard Brodie’s “Revolution in the Pacific”
  • Thomas H. Eliot’s “Democracy’s Test by War - and Peace”
  • Edouard Roditi’s “Trick Perspectives”
  • Stories by George Soule, Bernard Brodie, Thomas H. Eliot, and Edouard Roditi
  • Poetry by Mary Foxworthy, Thomas H. Haile, and Malcolm Imbrie, Jr.
[toc] Table of Contents
Autumn 1944

Table of Contents

Revolution in the Pacific

The final conquest of Saipan in July of this year marked not only the end of the deployment stage of our naval campaign in the Pacific but also the con- elusion of a complete revolution in the strategy and tactics of the Pacific war. The difference [...]

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