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Summer 1976

Summer 1976

Volume 52, Number 3

  • Edmund S. Morgan’s “George Washington: the Aloof American”
  • G. Edward White’s “The Supreme Court’s Public and the Public’s Supreme Court”
  • Nancy Hale’s “Ceremony of Innocence”
  • Merrill Peterson’s “Mr. Jefferson’s “Sovereignty of the Living Generation””
  • Stories by Edmund S. Morgan, G. Edward White, Nancy Hale, and Merrill Peterson
  • Poetry by Donald Hall and Lisel Mueller
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Summer 1976

Table of Contents

George Washington: the Aloof American

THE king of England, George III, was fond of farming. His favorite diversion was to ride about his lands, chatting with the tenants about the crops, "Farmer George," he called himself. His arch-opponent, George Washington, had the same fondness for [...]

Author Profiles

Donald Hall is the author of over a dozen books of poetry, most recently White Apples and the Taste of Stone (Houghton Mifflin, 2006) and The Painted Bed (Houghton Mifflin, 2002).