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Summer 1979

Summer 1979

Volume 55, Number 3

  • Allen Josephs’s “Homage to Andalucia”
  • Kenneth W. Thompson’s “Survival Imperiled: the Threat of Illusion and Despair”
  • Harold Fromm’s “Virginia Woolf: Art and Sexuality”
  • Alan Davidson’s “Dumas Pere, Chef Extraordinaire”
  • Stories by Allen Josephs, Kenneth W. Thompson, Harold Fromm, and Alan Davidson
  • Poetry by Sherod Santos, Carl Dennis, Sydney Lea, and Jay Meek
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1979

Table of Contents

Homage to Andalucía

The civilization of Andalucía is the oldest in the Western world: a thriving native culture along the lower reaches of the Guadalquivir River traded regularly with Phoenicia and occasionally with the Israel of Solomon some thousand years before C [...]

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