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Autumn 1985

Autumn 1985

Volume 61, Number 4

  • David Kirby’s “Mental Health In High Office: Psychological Problems, Political Cures”
  • Paul L. Gaston’s “ ‘This Question of Discipline’: An Interview with Anthony Powell”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Quest for Hemingway”
  • Ian Stevenson, M.D.’s “The End of Patient Abuse In Medical Care”
  • Stories by David Kirby, Paul L. Gaston, Jeffrey Meyers, and Ian Stevenson, M.D.
  • Poetry by Louis Simpson, Donald Hall, Frank John Edwards, and David Rosenberg
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Autumn 1985

Table of Contents

The End of Patient Abuse In Medical Care

If you were to take your automobile to a garage for an adjustment of the carburetor and have it returned with the carburetor working better but with heavy stains on the upholstery, several new dents in the body, and the paint badly marred, you wou [...]

Author Profiles

David Kirby is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University.