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Summer 1986

Summer 1986

Volume 62, Number 3

  • Hans A. Schmitt’s “How I Fled Nazi Germany”
  • Viola Hopkins Winner’s “Henry Adams and Lafayette Square, 1877-1885”
  • Richard O’Mara’s “Getting Out the Views”
  • Nathan A. Scott’s “The New Trahison Des Clercs: Reflections on the Present Crisis In Humanistic Studies”
  • Stories by Hans A. Schmitt, Viola Hopkins Winner, Richard O’Mara, and Nathan A. Scott
  • Poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar, Robert Bly, Wendell Berry, and Robert Morgan
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1986

Table of Contents

How I Fled Nazi Germany

In the Winter 1983 issue to which I had contributed, the Virginia Quarterly Review identified me as a person who had fled Nazi Germany. I thank them for dramatizing what has been an ordinary, and by the standards of grand biography, uneventful life [...]

Author Profiles

Robert Bly is the author of more than thirty books of poetry, including Stealing Sugar from the Castle: Selected Poems (Norton, 2013). His selected translations, The Winged Energy of Delight, appeared in 2004 from HarperCollins.