Summer 2004

• New stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Daniel Alarcón, Steve Almond, Dean Bakopoulos, Tom Bissell, Brock Clarke, Peter Ho Davies, Merrill Feitell, Helon Habila, Jennifer Haigh, Cristina Henríquez, John McNally, Thisbe Nissen, Daniel Stolar, and Mika Tanner • “Pinch Me; or, How Stephen King Changed My Life” by Ron McLarty
Summer 2004

Volume 80, Number 3

Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 2004 cover
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Daniel Alarcón is associate editor of Etiqueta Negra, a monthly magazine published in his native Lima, Peru.

Thisbe Nissen is the author of a novel, The Good People of New York (Knopf, 2001), and a collection of stories, Out of the Girls’ Room and into the Night (Iowa, 1999 / Anchor, 2000), winner of the John Simmons Short

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