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Autumn 1934

Autumn 1934

Volume 10, Number 4

  • David Cushman Coyle’s “Recovery and Finance”
  • Robert C. Binkley’s “An Anatomy of Revolution”
  • Walter Prichard Eaton’s “Revolt From Realism”
  • Waldo Frank’s “Sigmund Freud”
  • Stories by David Cushman Coyle, Robert C. Binkley, Walter Prichard Eaton, and Waldo Frank
  • Poetry by Robert Francis, and Lizette Woodworth Reese
[toc] Table of Contents
Autumn 1934

Table of Contents

Sigmund Freud

To this new era, barely ushered in by men like Bergson, Whitehead, S. Alexander, Andre Gide, Franz Kafka, etc., Freud does not belong. But in the perspective of cultural history, he will be seen as a contemporary of Darwin, Schopenhauer, Dostoevski, Marx; and he may be known, by the fecundity of his work, as their equal.