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Winter 1977

Winter 1977

Volume 53, Number 1

  • Rajni Kothari’s “Restoring India’s Political Process”
  • John Bovey’s “Charles XI”
  • Bernard P. Kiernan’s “War and Zero-Sum Games”
  • Richard A. Lanham’s “The Abusage of Usage”
  • Stories by Rajni Kothari, John Bovey, Bernard P. Kiernan, and Richard A. Lanham
  • Poetry by Herbert Morris, Gary Margolis, and John Carr
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Winter 1977

Table of Contents

Restoring India’s Political Process

The essence of the action taken on June 26, 1975, and in the weeks and months that followed it, was to suspend the political process in India. There may 'have been some rationale in doing this at that time, both in dealing with the immediate and ex [...]

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