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Autumn 1978

Autumn 1978

Volume 54, Number 4

  • John Bovey’s “Boats Against the Current: Notes of A Returning Exile”
  • George P. Elliott’s “Snarls of Beauty”
  • Norman A. Graebner’s “Government Without Consensus”
  • Paul Roazen’s “Orwell, Freud, and 1984”
  • Stories by John Bovey, George P. Elliott, Norman A. Graebner, and Paul Roazen
  • Poetry by Irving Feldman, Boris Pasternak, and Carol Muske Dukes
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Autumn 1978

Table of Contents




Author Profiles

Boris Pasternak (1890-1960) is widely considered one of the most important Russian writers of the twentieth century. Most famous for his novel Dr.