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Summer 1980

Summer 1980

Volume 56, Number 3

  • Nora Beloff’s “Russia and the Hundred-Headed Hydra”
  • Francelia Butler’s “Children’s Literature: the Bad Seed”
  • Molly Ingle Michie’s “A Splendid Day”
  • John Halperin’s “Eminent Victorians and History”
  • Stories by Nora Beloff, Francelia Butler, Molly Ingle Michie, and John Halperin
  • Poetry by Mark Rudman, Stanley Moss, Chris Gilbert, and Phillis Levin
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1980

Table of Contents

Russia and the Hundred-Headed Hydra

The hundred-headed hydra of nationalism may destroy the achievements of the October Revolution," This prediction by a Russian professor was privately circulated after he had visited Central Asia, the Baltic Republics, the Caucasus, and the Ukraine [...]


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