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Summer 1982

Summer 1982

Volume 58, Number 3

  • Norman A. Graebner’s “The Decline of America: A Countering Appraisal”
  • Robert J. Brugger’s “Apocalypse Now: American Military Planning In An Age of Diminishing Possibilities”
  • Michael Nelson’s “Evaluative Journalism: A New Synthesis”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “The Death of Randall Jarrell”
  • Stories by Norman A. Graebner, Robert J. Brugger, Michael Nelson, and Jeffrey Meyers
  • Poetry by Roger Shattuck, Stephen Sandy, Katherine Kane, and Peter Wild
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Summer 1982

Table of Contents

Evaluative Journalism: A New Synthesis

Somewhere along the line, even those of us who are not deeply versed in Hegel probably have heard the popularized version of his theory that historical change is the product of clashes of ideas. "Thesis," the leading idea of an age, confronts "antit [...]

Author Profiles

Michael Nelson is professor of political science at Rhodes College. A former editor of The Washington Monthly, he has published twenty books on the American presidency, national elections, and higher education.