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Summer 1984

Summer 1984

Volume 60, Number 3

  • Paul M. Gaston’s “Irony In Utopia: the Discovery of Nancy Lewis”
  • Samuel Yellen’s “The Two Kneelings of King Lear”
  • Paul Barolsky’s “The Case of the Domesticated Aesthete”
  • Anthony Shaw’s “Informed Nonconsent: Ethical Dilemmas In Medical Decision-Making”
  • Stories by Paul M. Gaston, Samuel Yellen, Paul Barolsky, and Anthony Shaw
  • Poetry by Joyce Carol Oates, James Ulmer, Baron Wormser, and Franz Wright
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Summer 1984

Table of Contents

Up From Segregation

This article is adapted from the first of three Lamar Lectures given at Georgia Wesleyan College April 3—4, 1984. It was written while the author was a Fellow of the National Humanities Center. Around 1970, a number of Southerners began to [...]



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