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Summer 1988

Summer 1988

Volume 64, Number 3

  • Helen Barolini’s “Horace’s Torte”
  • Paul Roazen’s “Normality and Nihilism”
  • Hank Lazer’s “Poetry and Thought: the Example of Czeslaw Milosz”
  • Tennant S. Mcwilliams’s “John W. Davis and Southern Wilsonianism”
  • Stories by Helen Barolini, Paul Roazen, Hank Lazer, and Tennant S. Mcwilliams
  • Poetry by Stephen Dunn, Sarah Provost, Ron Smith, and Stanley Moss
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Summer 1988

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Hank Lazer has contributed poetry, critical prose, and reviews to the VQR since 1973. His eighteen books of poetry include N24 (Little Red Leaves, 2014), N18 (Singing Horse, 2012), and Portions (Lavender Ink, 2009).