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Winter 1997

Winter 1997

Volume 73, Number 1

  • W. D. Ehrhart’s “ ‘What Grace is Found in So Much Loss?’”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Musing About Orwell’s ‘Politics and The English Language’—50 Years Later”
  • Morris Freedman’s “The Fall of Charlie Van Doren”
  • Rawdon Dalrymple’s “Continental Drift: The Case of Australia”
  • Stories by W. D. Ehrhart, Sanford Pinsker, Morris Freedman, and Rawdon Dalrymple
  • Poetry by Charles Wright, Jane Shore, Larry Levis, and Larissa Szporluk
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Winter 1997

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Charles Wright’s many awards include the Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, and a National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry.

W. D. Ehrhart, a former Marine sergeant and veteran of the Vietnam War, holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Wales, where he did his dissertation on American poetry of the Korean War.