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Summer 1998

Summer 1998

Volume 74, Number 3

  • Robert Erwin’s “Tax Aversion”
  • Jeffrey Meyers’s “Gonzo Ginsberg and Moby Dickey: A Memoir”
  • Charles East’s “Oxford-In-Yoknapatawpha”
  • Sanford Pinsker’s “Stanley Crouch, Our Black American Mencken”
  • Stories by Robert Erwin, Jeffrey Meyers, Charles East, and Sanford Pinsker
  • Poetry by Victor Lodato, Marjorie Woodbury, Dana Roeser, and T. Alan Broughton
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Summer 1998

Table of Contents

Author Profiles

Jeffrey Meyers grew up in New York, was an undergraduate at Michigan and earned his doctorate at Berkeley. Since 1992 he been a professional writer in Berkeley, California.