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Spring 1933

Spring 1933

Volume 9, Number 2

  • John Peale Bishop’s “The South and Tradition”
  • Leonard Barnes’s “Art and the Collective Life”
  • Margaret Prescott Montague’s “A Skit-Scat”
  • Stories by John Peale Bishop, R. Charlton Wright, Leonard Barnes, and Margaret Prescott Montague
  • Poetry by Lawrence Lee, Walter de la Mare, and Witter Bynner
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1933

Table of Contents

The South and Tradition

It requires a certain temerity to approach the Southern tradition. And yet I do not think that many persons, except a few old ladies and Mr. Joseph Hergesheimer, are likely to lose themselves in moonlight on the wet lawns, lamenting the lost valor, o [...]