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Summer 1933

Summer 1933

Volume 9, Number 3

  • William Martin’s “China Waits”
  • Thomas Jeffries Betts’s “Our Stake in the Orient”
  • Stark Young’s “The Room Where My Uncle Died”
  • R. L. Duffus’s “The Prime of Life”
  • Stories by William Martin, Thomas Jeffries Betts, Stark Young, and R. L. Duffus
  • Poetry by Robert P. Tristram Coffin, Robert Francis, Geoffrey Johnson, and Amelie Rives Troubetzkoy
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Summer 1933

Table of Contents

China Waits

For centuries China believed herself the center of the world—and she had the right to believe it, because her geographical position sheltered her almost entirely from all contact with the outside. But a time came, during the nineteenth century, whe [...]


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