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Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Volume 90, Number 2

  • Jason Motlagh on the worst accident in the history of the garment industry, plus Atish Saha’s photographs of a Bangladesh factory disaster
  • Leslie Jamison on female pain
  • Lawrence Weschler on how artist Fred Tomaselli finds visual poetry in the news
  • Carlene Bauer on the intersection of faith and fiction
  • Gina LeVay on female matadors
  • Fiction by Elizabeth Eshelman, Elizabeth McCracken, and Thomas Pierce
  • Poetry by Rita Dove, Celia Dropkin, Kip Knott, Paul Legault, Amit Majmudar, and Joseph Voth
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Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Female Matadors

In 2006, photographer Gina LeVay began her odyssey into the Spanish-​speaking world of toreras—​female matadors. “A lot of them have gotten gored, injured, and they just get up and want to do it again. They’re fearless.”

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Author Profiles

Lawrence Weschler, a contributing editor to VQR, is the former director of the New York Institute for the Humanities and artistic director emeritus of the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Leslie Jamison, a VQR editor at large, is the author of the nonfiction books The Recovering (Little, Brown, 2018), The Empathy Exams (Graywolf, 2014), and most recently the essay collection Make It Scream, Make It Burn (

Rita Dove is a former US Poet Laureate (1993–1995) and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for her book Thomas and Beulah (Carnegie Mellon, 1986).