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Summer 1936

Summer 1936

Volume 12, Number 3

  • Calvin B. Hoover’s “The Dictators March: From Political to Economic Totalitarian”
  • Charles A. Beard’s “Corporations and Natural Rights”
  • Albert Guerard, Jr.’s “Robert Bridges”
  • Herbert Read’s “The Artist as Individual”
  • Stories by Calvin B. Hoover, Charles A. Beard, Albert Guerard, Jr., and Herbert Read
  • Poetry by Robert Penn Warren, Raymond Dannenbaum, and Lawrence Lee
[toc] Table of Contents
Summer 1936

Table of Contents

Corporations and Natural Rights

In every age, in every society, there is a group of persons, more or less closely united, who have a realistic view of affairs and policies. Their knowledge is wide. Their wits are sharpened by experience. They know what they want. They are acquainte [...]



Author Profiles

Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989) was a poet, critic, novelist, teacher, and co-founder of the Southern Review. He was appointed the nation’s first Poet Laureate in 1986.