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Spring 1938

Spring 1938

Volume 14, Number 2

  • Gerald W. Johnson’s “When to Build a Barricade”
  • Jonathan Daniels’s “Gold Avenue”
  • John W. Wheeler-Bennett’s “Ludendorff: The Soldier and the Politician”
  • Mark Van Doren’s “Literature and Propaganda”
  • Stories by Gerald W. Johnson, Jonathan Daniels, John W. Wheeler-Bennett, and Mark Van Doren
  • Poetry by C. F. Macintyre, Robert Liddell Lowe, Edward Weismiller, and Elizabeth Randall
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1938

Table of Contents

Literature and Propaganda

It can be said that every piece of literature is propaganda of a kind. The lyric poet, merely for assuming the importance of his theme, can be charged with suggesting that other themes are of less importance or of no importance at all; the sonneteer [...]


Author Profiles

Mark Van Doren (1894 –1972) was an influential literary critic, poet, and scholar who taught at Columbia University for almost four decades.