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Autumn 1940

Autumn 1940

Volume 16, Number 4

  • Lawrence Fernsworth’s “The Vatican in World Politics”
  • Albert Guerard’s “Reflections on the French Disaster”
  • Harry Elmer Barnes’s “Europe’s War and America’s Democracy”
  • Robin Douglas’s “Ah! There You Are!”
  • Stories by Lawrence Fernsworth, Albert Guerard, Harry Elmer Barnes, and Robin Douglas
  • Poetry by Edward Weismiller, David Morton, and Walter de la Mare
[toc] Table of Contents
Autumn 1940

Table of Contents

Europe’s War and America’s Democracy

It may have been a great mistake for the American colonies to have left the British Empire in 1776, but that decision was not in the hands of this generation. Being out of the Empire, it may be wisest to conduct our foreign policy in the light of thi [...]