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Spring 1976

Spring 1976

Volume 52, Number 2

  • David Gates’s “A Highly Irregular Children’s Story: The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine”
  • Alan Spiegel’s “The Mud on Napoleon’s Boots: the Adventitious Detail In Film and Fiction”
  • Anne Williams Ferguson’s “Carry Me Not, Repeat Not, Back to Ole Virginny: A Boarding School Chronicle of the 40’s”
  • John Talbott’s “The Strange Death of Maurice Audin”
  • Stories by David Gates, Alan Spiegel, Anne Williams Ferguson, and John Talbott
  • Poetry by Elisabeth Murawski, Anne Hobson Freeman, Malovika Mukerji, and Robert McDermott
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Spring 1976

Table of Contents

Thomas Wolfe and the Place He Came From

Thomas Wolfe and the South was the subject of the first essay on Southern literature I published, almost a quarter-century ago. In that essay I went about demonstrating, or attempting to demonstrate, that Wolfe was indubitably a Southern writer, as [...]