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Winter 1980

Winter 1980

Volume 56, Number 1

  • John Milton Cooper’s “World War I: European Origins and American Intervention”
  • Douglas Day’s “Borges, Faulkner, and the Wild Palms”
  • W. D. Ehrhart’s “Why I Did It”
  • Richard R. Guzman’s “The Saint and the Sage: the Fiction of Raja Rao”
  • Stories by John Milton Cooper, Douglas Day, W. D. Ehrhart, and Richard R. Guzman
  • Poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Dara Wier, Richard Eberhart, and Franz Wright
[toc] Table of Contents


Winter 1980

Table of Contents

Borges, Faulkner, and the Wild Palms

This essay is for those of you who choose to believe that Jorge Luis Borges actually translated, in 1939, a novel of William Faulkner's called The Wild Palms. In your support there is, of course, the artifact, published in October 1940, by Editori [...]

Author Profiles

Franz Wright (1953-2015) won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2004 for his collection Walking to Martha’s Vineyard. He published poems in VQR and other leading literary magazines.