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Spring 1988

Spring 1988

Volume 64, Number 2

  • Mildred Raynolds Trivers’s “The Storm God”
  • Peter Harris’s “Poetry Chronicle: Four Salvers Salvaging: New Work By Voigt, Olds, Dove, and McHugh”
  • Nancy Huddleston Packer’s “The Man Who Said No”
  • Arthur F. Kinney’s “Flannery O’Connor and the Art of the Holy”
  • Stories by Mildred Raynolds Trivers, Peter Harris, Nancy Huddleston Packer, and Arthur F. Kinney
  • Poetry by Ira Sadoff, Mark Halliday, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, and Stuart Downs
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Spring 1988

Table of Contents

Politics and Literature: The Southern Case

A future student of the modern canon of Southern literature might reasonably conclude that, whatever else Southern writers were preoccupied with, politics was not among them. This would be all the more puzzling, since the major concern of Southern wr [...]