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Autumn 1990

Autumn 1990

Volume 66, Number 4

  • John A. Glusman’s “Heroes and Sons: Coming to Terms”
  • Greg Johnson’s “ ‘On the Edge of an Abyss’: The Writer as Insomniac”
  • George Watson’s “Shakespeare and the Norman Conquest: English in the Elizabethan Theatre”
  • Bernice Grohskopf’s ““I’ll Be a Farmer”: Boyhood Letters of William James”
  • Stories by John A. Glusman, Greg Johnson, George Watson, and Bernice Grohskopf
  • Poetry by Jane Brox, Angela Ball, Victor M. Depta, and Kenneth Rosen
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Autumn 1990

Table of Contents

The Stunt Man: Abbie Hoffman (1936—1989)

His father and mother, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, called him ever-so-formally Abbott Hoffman. To the otherwise staid publisher of his 1969 manifesto, Revolution for the Hell of It, his nom de plume was simply "Free"—a euphoni [...]

Author Profiles

Stephen J. Whitfield holds the Max Richter Chair in American Civilization at Brandeis University, where he has taught since 1972. He is the author of eight books, including The Culture of the Cold War (1991, rev.