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Winter 1995

Winter 1995

Volume 71, Number 1

  • Charles Maechling Jr.’s “The Next Century—Can the Free Market Panacea Survice?”
  • Leonard Kriegel’s “Boundaries of Freedom: Liberals, Patriotism, and Melting Pots”
  • Hardy C. Wilcoxon’s “Vignettes of Vietnam”
  • Richard Tillinghast’s “Robert Lowell on Native Ground”
  • Stories by Charles Maechling Jr., Leonard Kriegel, Hardy C. Wilcoxon, and Richard Tillinghast
  • Poetry by Mary Oliver, Linda Pastan, Renate Wood, and Dorothy Mosel Sutton
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Winter 1995

Table of Contents

In Dream, In the Eden

In the Eden of memory, the black walnut tree has not been cut down and waves its fern-like leaves above their heads. The schoolmates make their way from grove to pool, throw off their colored shirts, raise their thin white arms, white as seashe [...]



Author Profiles

Mary Oliver (1935 – 2019) was the author of more than fifteen collections of poetry, including Blue Horses (Penguin, 2014); New and Selected Poems, Volume One (Beacon, 1992), which won the National Book Award; House of Light