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Summer 1932

Summer 1932

Volume 8, Number 3

  • Gerald W. Johnson’s “Since Wilson”
  • J. C. Furnas’s “False Fronts in Hollywood”
  • Clarence E. Cason’s “The Southern Conscience”
  • Garrard Glenn’s “War Without Guns”
  • Stories by Gerald W. Johnson, J. C. Furnas, Clarence E. Cason, and Garrard Glenn
  • Poetry by Melville Cane
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Summer 1932

Table of Contents

War Without Guns

War is an elfish thing; seemingly obvious, it is elusive. Palliatives have failed; and now, when a substitute is offered, it may turn out to be nothing but war itself. Last winter, it will be recalled, President Lowell of Harvard and other distinguis [...]


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