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Spring 2007

Spring 2007

Writings on the Border

Volume 83, Number 2

• Drawing the Line: Writings on the Border by Philip Caputo, Mark Ehrman, Reynaldo Leal, Charles Rappleye, and Oscar Villalon.
• A Symposium on Mark Twain, featuring an unpublished work introduced by Ed Folsom and Jerome Loving, and David Caplan on Twain’s patriotism.
• Fiction by Nadine Gordimer, Helon Habila, and R. T. Smith.
• Essays by Erik Campbell, Pauline W. Chen, Morgan Meis, David J. Morris, and Nicholas Schmidle.
• Poetry by Robert Olen Butler, Robin Ekiss, Alessandra Lynch, Gregory Orr, Alberto Ríos, Tom Sleigh, and Luis Alberto Urrea.

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Spring 2007, Writings on the Border

Table of Contents




Author Profiles

David Caplan is the author of four books of poetry criticism and poetry, most recently Rhyme’s Challenge: Hip Hop, Poetry, and Contemporary Rhyming Culture (Oxford, 2014). The Charles M.

Philip Caputo served in the US Marine Corps from 1964–67 as a member of the first ground combat unit to fight in Vietnam–a time described in his classic memoir A Rumor of War.