Winter 1981

A. S. Knowles’s “ ‘Shadows on the Sand’ ” Charles Maechling’s “Japan and the United States: the Brittle Alliance” Walter Harding’s “Walden’s Man of Science” Jane Barnes’s “John Updike: A Literary Spider” Stories by A. S. Knowles, Charles Maechling, Walter Harding, and Jane Barnes Poetry by Daniel Mark Epstein, Eleanor Ross Taylor, Heather McHugh, and Barbara Eve
Winter 1981

Volume 57, Number 1

Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 1981 cover
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Heather McHugh’s books include Upgraded to Serious, Eyeshot, Father of the Predicaments, and Hinge and Sign: Poems, 1968–1993. She is currently Milliman Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Washington

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