Autumn 1982

Stephen J. Whitfield’s “ ‘One Nation Under God’: The Rise of the Religious Right” Lillian Smith’s “The Old Days In Jasper: A Reminiscence” Jane Barnes’s “Art and Identity in Richards Jones’ Work” Walter R. Coppedge’s “Tol’able David and the American Heritage” Stories by Stephen J. Whitfield, Lillian Smith, Jane Barnes, and Walter R. Coppedge Poetry by Rainer Maria RilkeFranz Wright, Translator, David Posner, Ramona Weeks, and John Bricuth
Autumn 1982

Volume 58, Number 4

Virginia Quarterly Review, Autumn 1982 cover
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Stephen J. Whitfield holds the Max Richter Chair in American Civilization at Brandeis University, where he has taught since 1972. He is the author of eight books, including The Culture of the Cold War (1991, rev.

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