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Spring 1937

Spring 1937

Volume 13, Number 2

  • Calvin B. Hoover’s “Dictatorship and Property”
  • G. R. Elliott’s “The Anglic Vices”
  • David Cushman Coyle’s “The South’s Unbalanced Budget”
  • James McBride Dabbs’s “High Road to Heaven”
  • Poetry by Robert P. Tristram Coffin, and Robert Francis
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Recent Issues

Spring 1937

Table of Contents

Mary Austin, Woman Alone

It was clear that I would write imaginatively, not only of people, but of the scene, the totality which is called Nature, and that I would give myself intransi-gently to the quality of experience called Folk, and to the frame of behavior known as Mys [...]

Author Profiles

An esteemed engineer and economist, Cushman designed the Washington State Capital and sold over a million pamphlets espousing persuasive economic theories.